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Eat Yourself Sexy Australia - Season 1, Episode 4


Episode 4 – Daniela

Twenty nine year old Daniela Frougas is a passionate Italian - passionate about food that is! Since getting married to husband Nick three years ago, it’s been gnocchi over nookie and she’s gained 18 kilograms. Too ashamed to shop in public, Daniela buys clothes online in the safety of her tracksuit pants. Daniela’s loss of confidence is affecting her relationship and she’s desperate to get her figure and mojo back.

Hosted by Sarah Wilson, Eat Yourself Sexy follows Daniela as she battles to get her bridal body back with the help of nutritionist/ naturopath Emma Sutherland and fitness expert Blake Worrall –Thompson. But will Daniela be able to resist cakes and pasta and make radical changes to her lifestyle in just eight weeks to eat herself sexy?

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